About Us

Hi there!
We started this site out because we have a great passion for the backcountry and all it has to offer. We realized that in order to have the best time you need to make it back home safely. When things go wrong in the backcountry they go really wrong. Avalanches don't care how old you are, or if you're famous, they don't care if you're big, or small. When an avalanche cuts loose it takes everything in its path, and this is why I started this business. After living in the eastern Sierras for 19 years and doing several ascents with friends I got to see a lot of avalanche paths, thankfully none with me under them! It gave me a great respect of what an avalanche can do. In the beginning we all bought avalanche transceivers, probe poles, and shovels but we still did not have the most important thing and that was the knowledge of what an avalanche could do or even where to find avalanche information. I started this site to enable people to buy the best gear, but also to have a portal to information needed to make their trip a safe one.  I ask as you use this site and see things that can make it a better site that you contact us. We believe that when people send us comments that it will make this an even better site, one that you and others will come back to year after year.
Thank You.
John Hartman