Barnett Ghost 360 CRT Pkg-Quiver,3 Arrows,RCD and Scope 78630

Barnett Ghost 360 CRT Pkg-Quiver,3 Arrows,RCD and Scope 78630
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Price: $649.00
Manufacturer: BARNETT



Ghost 360 Crossbow Package Specifications: - Draw Weight: 165 lbs - Ft. lbs of Energy: 115 - Power Stroke: 14" - FPS: 360 - Mass Weight: 7.0 lbs - Length: 36" - Width: 21.875" - Arrow Lgth./Grain: 20"/400 Includes: - Premium Illuminated Scope - Rope Cocking Device - Cross Premium 3 Arrow Quiver - 3 20" Headhunter Arrows Features - 43% Lighter Riser with our Patented Carbon Riser Technology - Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip - CNC Aluminum Flight Track - CNC Machined 7/8" Picatinny Rail - Custom Composite Laminated Limbs - CROSSWIRE String and Cable System - High Definition Camo Finish - 19.875" Axle to Axle - Anti Dry Fire: This ADF (Anti Dry Fire) Trigger is a state of the art mechanism that protects the user from shooting the weapon without an arrow in place. The patented Anti Dry Fire Trigger has a spring loaded redundant safety bar that remains in place until the arrow is seated properly, which finally allows the user to switch the safety off and shoot the bow. - Carbonlite: CRT Carbon Riser. The most technically advanced riser ever created for a crossbow. It removes nearly 43% of weight from the front end which dramatically shifts the balance point to the shoulder. This allows for the steadiest, and most accurate shot possible. - Shoot Thru Riser: Patented by Barnett this unique and sought after design lengthened the power stroke of a bow without placing the cocking string beyond arms length. This allows for increased speeds and stored energy levels unequaled in the industry. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) testing enabled the design team to minimize the weight and maximize the strength, (a process used by NASA and now in Barnett Crossbows) making this technology truly a step above the rest. - Metal Injected Mold: MIM (Metal Injected Mold) trigger is metal injected molded which allows for the tightest quality tolerances available. This accounts for the refreshingly smooth trigger pull at 3.5 pounds. Less jerking and ultimately tighter groups.

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