Flashlight_Strobe and Flare Lights

We carry flashlights,Strobe lights, flare lights by Princeton Tec. These are very important items to carry with you at all times. So often we have good intentions of making it out of the backcountry before night time. Has it happened to you! Often I get out there and set a big goal with a long day ahead, it takes a little more time then I thought to summit the peak, not a problem snow is good and then we descend only to find that we are hiking out in the dark, if it's a full moon it is not a problem, but becomes a big problem if its dark. Carry a headlamp as a precautionary measure if things go wrong and you have to dig in to stay overnight in a snow cave you will be glad that you have the headlamp to set up camp. Also for rescues having the princeton tec Aqua strobe is a must it flashes up to 70 times a minit and if a helecopter is flying in for a rescue a night or search teams are looking for you this will help them find you.