Pressure Pak never suck again 50OZ

Pressure Pak never suck again 50OZ
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Pressure Pak never suck again 50OZ

It works like this:  Slip your hydration bladder into the Pressure Pak (like a pillow into a pillow case), toss the system back into your hydration pack, and with a few pumps of the bulb pump, you have unlocked the potential of your hydration pack.  It is now a hydration Swiss Army Knife!
  • Spray out muddy, dirty,
    jammed gunk like your
  • Never Suck for water
    Again  - Simply bite (think of
    the aerobic ramifications)
  • Spray off hot, dirty,
    sweaty, and bloody things
    (like your body after a day

  • Squirt your buddy in the
    eye as you pass him trying
    to suck water out of his
    non-pressurized hydration
  • Share water without
    sharing germs with your
    dog or cooties-infested
  • Clean camp dishes, put out
    camp fires
  • Water or less savory
    liquids always on tap.
  • And anything else you can
    use pressurized water for.

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