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The company The avalanche beacon and safety equipment of PIEPS GmbH, a company which is located in South Styria, is quipped with most modern technology and attractive design. All products meet the expectations of high safety-awareness for skiing apart the slope. Product development related to practise and marketing offensive The right rating of the situation, weather and snow condition is highest requirement for everyone, apart the slope. In order to be prepared for the case of cases “Seidel Elektronik” brought a beacon to the market which offers highest measures of security. Thereby a chance of surviving will become better. Since 1972 the PIEPS team is occupied with development and production of avalanche beacons. Over the years the classical analogue beacons were adapted to the current state of the art. The availability of digital components was the reason for changing from analogue technology to DSP technology. That was the time of the break through on the market. In cooperation with “FH Joanneum” in Kapfenberg, Seidel Elektronik developed a new High Tech beacon – PIEPS DSP – for avalanche rescue which exceeds all past models on the market regarding to range and search speed. With a successful product concept and also the technology leadership, 2007 Seidel set up the company PIEPS GmbH, so better possibilities for that business area were made. The young PIEPS team is interested in high technology in combination with simple handling. Also involved in product development is a mountaneer who connects technique and practise. Thanks to technical superiority, functional design and a smart marketing strategy, toward the end of this winter season most PIEPS products are sold out.